The Terex RH400 is the worlds largest hydraulic shovel and weighs nearly one thousand and eighty tons with a shovel capacity of ninety-four tons in a single scoop. It can fill huge mining trucks like the Komatsu 930E with three or four passes.

The RH400 has the working ability to scoop up around nine thousand nine hundred tons of material ever hour which is a world record for a vehicle of this type.


The Terex RH400 doesn't come cheap either, it has a price tag of eleven million dollars but it can soon pay for itself in a mine by its superior productivity.

The RH400 has two Cummins Diesel engines which deliver a total output of 4400HP. The tracks each have their own gearbox which are controlled by seven Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps per side.

The entire hydraulic system for the RH400 holds 3400 Gallons, because the RH400 can work in extreme conditions there are several devices to pre-heat the engine oil, the coolant and hydraulic oil so it doesn't cool down to difficult operation levels, these machines are like anything else automotive...they  like to run best whilst warmed up.

The hydraulics on this machine are quite something to behold which is why there is a thousand liter capacity pump holding grease for the regular automatic joint greasing.  Too much friction on any of the working members could spell disaster considering how much weight the RH400 has to handle.

The shovel on the RH400 can hold eighty-five tons of burden in a single scoop and weighs eighty tons on its own.

The hydraulic arm that lifts the combined weight of one hundred and sixty-five tons is held in by a strong metal pin, the metal pin alone weighs in at three tons. The below image show a closer view of the bucket, the holes where the pins go is clearly seen.

See a YouTube video of the RH400 in action. Its only when we see some actual video of a machine like this that we can appreciate its power and capabilities a bit more.

It only takes between three to five scoops to fill up a two hundred and forty or four hundred ton mining truck and when you consider that these machines work seven days a week three hundred and sixty-five days a year the RH400 saves a  lot of time = money for the mine owners.

If I owned a mine, I think I would have two of them!

The drivers cab is very spacious with plenty of room to stretch the legs and not being cramped up. There is also another room behind the cab where the driver can make a meal in a kitchen area complete with a microwave, refrigerator and other conveniences.


The RH400 is so huge that the drivers cabin area is like a normal room in an office. There are even two seats inside and still has enough room for someone to stand and observe.

The RH400 is literally as big as an office block!

Or even big enough to eat  another crane in one foul swoop!

The RH400 is truly a massive machine but it has a contender and this main  contender is the Liebherr R9800.  The Liebherr R9800 is truly awesome and gives a whole new meaning to the words hydraulic power.

The Liebherr R9800 weighs in at over eight hundred tons and delivers a massive four thousand horse power from its twin V16, sixty liter Cummings QSK 60 two thousand horse power engines. This equates to thirty-two cylinders with one hundred and twenty liters or nearly seven thousand cubic inches of shear power.  With over five thousand gallons of fuel in its gas tank, it can work for quite a few hours non stop too!


Just like life giving blood, the Liebherr R9800 has 2,462 gallons of hydraulic fluid circulating in its veins to supply energy for ever job it has to do. Big mining 'back hoe' jobs are the main work that is accepted by this monster.

The Liebherr R9800 is quite huge too, the height to the top of the tracks is just under eleven feet with the top of the cab at nearly thirty-five feet tall.  With its un-extended hydraulic arm she is seventy-eight feet long. The Liebherr R9800 is also quite wide at twenty-eight feet.

So as you can imagine, she is a little too big to be seen working on the side of the street putting in that new sewerage pipe.  These massive machines are usually only ever seen in large mining quarries where they are utilized to fill up big earth moving trucks, with several tons at a time in its huge bucket.

Overall though, the Liebherr R9800 series of diggers sure is a great contender to the Terex RH400.



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