Developed for the military by Mr. Jerry Babar, President of Military Police Systems, Inc  of Piney Flats, Tennessee, The AA12, Auto Assault shotgun, is a machine gun based 12 gauge shotgun.

Indeed it can fire shotgun cartridges the same way as a machine gun fires its bullets...very fast.



Most shotguns including the Italian SPAS (special purpose automatic shotgun) that the military or law enforcement agencies use, are re-hashed, upgraded or heavily customized civilian guns.

The AA12 is the only shotgun that has ever been developed entirely from scratch for military use.




The main problem with a shotgun has always been the excessive recoil that is generated by a shotgun cartridge.  The AA12 is different though, as most of the recoil has been compensated for by the way the moving parts such as the bolt have been designed.

Apart from the low friction slide rail, the bolt, which is forced back via gas pressures of the fired cartridge, does not make contact with any other internal parts of the mechanism upon recoiling.

The bolt doesn't bottom out, instead it rides freely backwards only to be arrested by a long recoil spring to eject the spent case then rides forwards to collect a new cartridge and this gives the gun ultra low recoil properties.

The guy firing the AA12 below, instantly blasts a variety of targets without stopping, all the hits were 'kills' by this big destructive 12 gauge.  This gun could go through a close quarter battle zone like a tornado!



A slower rate of fire has actually been purposely designed with this gun, at five rounds per second which is 300 rounds per minute, this slower rate of fire makes the AA12 much more controllable.

If the firer of the gun decides to shoot either one round, two rounds, triple bursts or full auto, then the gun will always stay on target, assisted by ultra low recoil in keeping the aim true.


The AA12 can utilize an eight round box magazine, a twenty round drum or even a much bigger thirty-two round drum magazine, which in shotgun terms is unprecedented.

The amount of firepower that the AA12 delivers to the target is equally unprecedented and the makers of this gun claim that nothing can stand up to the total onslaught, the complete barrage of shells that this gun throws out.

In CQB - Close Quarter Battle -  this gun would probably be the ultimate weapon to have.




Without any adaptation, the AA12 can fire a multitude of different types of ammunition, including but not limited to, armor piercing, mini grenade, buck shot, rifled slug and incendiary rounds.

The image below shows the Frag12  round, this is a high explosive fragmentation grenade, that is stabilized in flight by four extending fins that pop out under spring pressure to give the round ultra accuracy on the target of to 200 meters distance.


The weight of the AA12 at just over 10 lbs is quite light for a gun of this type and with a barrel length of either thirteen or eighteen inches, it is also quite easy to handle.

The AA12 is also constructed from aircraft grade corrosion resistant, high impact, heat treated stainless steel with super density plastics.  All of the AA12 shotgun parts of heavy duty manufacture, meaning that the gun rarely ever needs any maintenance and never needs to be stripped down for cleaning.



The AA12 will also operate just as well in the sub zero temperatures of the Arctic Circle as it would in the heat of the Gobi desert.

The AA12 is also quite impervious to dirt, burnt powder verdigris and other fine debris, the makers claim that the AA12 was test fired with five thousand rounds down range and that it never jammed and didn't need to be cleaned before, during or after the shoot.

The AA12 is a superb 21st Century high tech weapon system and offers maximum firepower up to 200 meters.

This weapon has been around now for nearly five years and if the law enforcement agencies, U.S and coalition soldiers fighting bad guys and terrorism have not yet been equipped with it then the only question that can arise is...why?




Page created March 29th 2009