I have actually had my Domain online since 1997, which is around 17 years at time of editing this page and over those years it has grown and improved dramatically.

From the early days of Vince's Wacky Website  that was a psychedelic kaleidoscope of experimentation to the more formal presentation that you see today.  The edition that you see today was formulated in 2005 and is constantly being updated and improved.

I migrated over to a new, faster server in January, 2012, and can now offer my visitors a better experience with larger higher definition images.  On February 21st 2014, I gave the whole site a make-over. I deleted all the backgrounds and colored borders for a more uniform white background and no borders look.  This is a more modern approach as background images are very 1990's and way too retro.

There are a still quite few pages that need to be deleted and/or updated, this is constant WIP (Work In Progress)

My Domain now presents over 470 standardized and high quality  webpages, whereas many rusty old webpages have been brushed aside and deleted during renovations and updating, some more may follow whilst new ones will be added. My whole new Conspiracy Zone  and the section on collectors swords and knives are an example of new additions.  Also a lot of type setting, text and links formatting was undertaken for continuity.  The site was certainly brushed and polished!

I hope to present some of the most worthwhile  webpages on the internet, to suit all ages, genders, colors and creeds.  This website is a family website for all ages, from about fourteen years of age and upwards. It is viewed in almost every country in the world  and I attempt to cater for everyone's interests, a tough challenge indeed.  My webpages will not cover anything offensive, racist, hate filled, illegal or generally in bad taste though.

I cannot help but have some minor conflicts of interest on some of my webpages, for example, I present a page about earthmovers and diggers in one section, then I berate the destruction of rain forests in another!  With the amount of different topics that I cover, this sometimes becomes unavoidable.

Every one of my webpages is painstakingly and meticulously researched and assembled from all types of available media, be it books, encyclopaedias, TV, DVD's, magazines, newspaper articles, internet, my own knowledge or from the originator of the article themselves.

I collate as many prime cuts  information from these various sources as possible to build up a new and interesting webpage on that article, with the intention of presenting a page that covers all the important facts in a bright, cheerful, easy to read format.

Unfortunately I have had to put a block on many pages in attempt to hinder some naughty visitors from directly right click copying my text straight off the page.

These unscrupulous persons copy and paste direcly into their blog or site and purport it as as their own work.  Plagiarism at its best!  When I contact them in an E-mail, many just ignore me and carry on using my work without posting any credits to me, the original author.

I doubt anyone would go to all the trouble of typing out an entire page.  Of course they would then appreciate how long it takes to actually put a page together.  All formatted, type set, corrected and proof read...about three days.

I will endeavour to keep your interest, so that you keep coming back to see more great new webpages.

The E-mails that I receive give 99% positive feedback, plaudits, support and best wishes, relating how much my website is enjoyed and many viewers are indeed fans of it.  This makes it all the more worthwhile.

I have in-text- ads  on every page, including this one, building up some revenue to help pay for the website in general. The ads can actually lead to some interesting pages, I don't like having ads on my site but unfortunately they are here to stay.  More and more webmasters are actually now turning to in-text  ads to help sustain their sites as well...they are all catching me up slowly!

Nobody donates to my site, as people generally think the web is free...it isn't somebody has to pay for it.  Okay a get about $10.00 a year in donations...yes you read it right that's ten dollars or two 5 dollar donations per year! So if it wasn't for the in-text  ads I would not have this website.

And many of you may wonder...what does Vince actually look like?...well here is your answer....

Anyway guys, thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy your visit and that you glean some information to feed your interest.  Whether you just have a laugh in the Comedy Zone  or become intrigued in the Conspiracy Zone...I'm sure there is something for you somewhere on my site.   Enjoy your visit.




Page created November 3rd 2008.  Updated February 21st 2014.