Angels and guardian angels are celestial spiritual beings that are always with us, but who are these angels where do they come from? In the heavens there exists an angelic hierarchy, an order of angels.

The angels are partitioned off into their own section or dominion via their own level of development and grace in God.

It is understood that angels from the higher levels can drop down to visit those on lower levels but those on lower levels cannot go higher than the level they are currently situated on.  This is a natural rule of universal law rather than just some silly restriction.



There is no rivalry, backbiting or competing for position, rank, status and authority amongst the angels of the Lord.

However, this is not true for the followers of the fallen angel Lucifer, who constantly fight, conspire, backbite and argue for their position, rank, status and authority.




There are three main levels in the angelic hierarchy and each one of those has three sub levels.  Each level is spiritually higher than the one preceding it.

The 1st level at the very top of the angelic hierarchy, consists of: 1. The Seraphim, which have absolute authority.  These angels are closely followed by 2. The Cherubim  and 3. The Ophanim.

The 2nd level of the angelic hierarchy consists of: 4. The Thrones  followed by 5. The Dominions  and finally on this level, 6. The Principalities.

The 3rd and last level of the angelic hierarchy consists of: 7. The Powers  followed by 8. The Archangels  and finally 9. The Angels  and Guardian Angels.




These angels live on the highest level of spiritual manifestation and are in the presence of God almighty himself.  They constantly praise the Lord God and from them it is thought the universe fills with faith, hope, charity, love and total divinity of life.  This love of God and love of life encompasses the entire universe, both physical and spiritual.




The Seraphim or Seraph in the singular, are the managing directors of Gods holy throne and they perpetually praise him with song, such lines include "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts. All the Earth is filled with His Glory"

It is further believed that they regulate the heavens, as the glory radiates from God.  The light that emanates from the Seraphim is so bright that nothing below their level of existence can apparently look upon them.

The Seraphim apparently have six wings, two of which cover their faces, two cover their feet and the other two enable them to fly.  The most notable Seraphim have the names of Abaddon, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Chamuel, Jehoel, Lucifer, Metatron, Michael, Nathanael, Samael, Semyazza, Seraphiel, Uriel, and Vehuel.

Just to note here that the name Lucifer is not the Devil, its just the same name.  As people on Earth have the same name, so it appears do the angels.




The Cherubim or Cherub in the singular, are the guardians of the light, the stars in heaven and the universe and the heavens that surround them.  Even though the Cherubim are very lofty beings their divine light of love still filters down to affect earthly life.

It is said that the Cherubim have four symbolic faces, those being of an ox, a lion, an eagle and a man.  The face of the ox is considered to be their face of strength, the lion is their face of truth, the eagle their face of freedom and the man their face of unity.

The Cherubim have eight wings that they can use to cover their eyes.  It is also understood that the Cherubim can act as guardians and offer protection, as it was the Cherubim that were sent to guard the Garden of Eden and admit no-one. They also guard the throne of God and have great knowledge of God, knowledge that is only excelled by the Seraphim.

The Cherubim are very powerful angels and command awesome power both in the heavens and in the physical universe.

The most notable Cherubim have the names of Azazel, Beezelbub, Berith, Cherubiel, Gabriel, Lauviah, Marou, Ophaniel, Raphael, Salikotal, Shamsiel, Uriel and Zophiel.

The Cherubim are mentioned in the Holy Bible in the Book of Genesis 3:24. Ezekiel 10:17–20 and 1 Kings 6:23–28




The Ophanim are closely associated to the Cherubim, as it says in Ezekiel 10:17 "When they moved, the others moved, when they stopped, the others stopped, and when they rose from the Earth, the wheels rose along with them, for the spirit of the living creatures - the Cherubim - was in the wheels" 

The Ophanim  are also known as the Lords of Flame. They are very powerful beings and command great authority.


The wheels  are open to interpretation: They may have been dimensional clouds of some description, some people suggest they may have been UFO's but that makes them terrestrial and not celestial.

It is very intriguing but I believe it was a celestial chariot,  maybe they use them like we use cars, to travel together.


Along with the Cherubim and the Seraphim the Ophanim have reached a state of perfection with God and hence no longer need to be involved with the evolution of consciousness.  They therefore only do so out of love and honor, not out of need.

The names of the most notable Ophanim are Astaroth, Bodiel, Focalor, Forneus, Gressil, Jophiel, Murmor, Nelchael, Ophaniel, Oriphiel, Phenex, Pursor, Raum, Raziel, Samael, Sonneillon, Verrine and Zaphkiel




2nd Level angels operate as spiritual governors and they govern the world and the physical universe with absolute authority over good and evil.  They follow and endorse universal law including the endorsement of the laws of attraction and  those of karma.




The Thrones are mentioned in relation to the throne of God by Paul of Tarsus in the Holy Bibles book of the Colossians 1:16 .  The Thrones totally embellish all of Gods justice and authority, they have reached spiritual perfection and perfectly emanate Gods light and power.

The Thrones are very astute and humble beings and therefore are able to deal out justice without pride, ego or ambition.  Hence they are the perfect policemen, judges, jury and lawyers...both defense and prosecution.

The Thrones are immensely powerful and work relentlessly towards the true development of mankind from their sphere in the world of the divine spirit of truth.




The Dominions are also called the Hashmallim and are tasked with the management of the lower level angels.  They ensure the equilibrium of the cosmos and ensure that energy flows are unrestricted and remain in order.

The Dominions can make themselves known to mortal man but very rarely do so, instead they preside over people and nations entirely from the spiritual realms.

The Dominions are very beautiful looking beings and have a pair of feathered wings.  It is the Dominions that are usually represented as the traditional angels with wings, except that they are also adorned with swords in their belts with orbs of light in the pommels.




The Principalities wear crowns and carry sceptres and sit just beyond the dominion of the Archangels.  They are the guardian angels of the Earth and are concerned with mans physical actions upon the Earth.

Governments, military matters, commerce, finances and trade are all overlooked by the Principalities and they decide who gets into positions of power, be it from a simple supervisor to a President.  Whether these people will rule honestly and fairly is up to the individual not up to the Principalities.


It is thought that the Principalities decide who rules etc before the person is born, hence that person will build up to that position all of his life.  It is in effect...what we amount to  in life.


The Principalities obey the divine orders given to them from the Dominions and send blessings to the Earth, they also oversee that groups of people have a common bond.


It is thought that the Principalities also help to inspire people into art, culture, writing, medicine, science, technology, mathematics, education and overall prosperity.


It is the Principalities that are our ascended masters, not any aliens that may drop in on us now or in the future and claim to be.  Remember that the Principalities are celestial beings, not terrestrial beings as aliens are.


The Principalities are in pursuit of mankind's happiness, development and understanding.  They constantly endorse education and learning as the true path of this knowledge rather than to just dole it out for free.




The 3rd level angels live and work closer to Earth than any of the other angels, they oversee all parts of human life and also oversee that everything is recorded into the Akashik records...the book of life.

Your name, your actions, everything you have done be it good or bad is recorded by these angels.  These recording are then processed by higher beings such as the Dominions.




The Powers upkeep the levels of consciousness and they record history in the finest detail.  They oversee all of the power in the world and see that it is distributed to the best advantage of mankind...they still do not interfere with mankind's free will though.

The Powers hold the keys to life and death in that they have the authority over the auspices of physical life along with all the mental nuances such as ideology, philosophy, theology, religions and the written word of these studies.

The Powers hold much wisdom and intelligence over all world affairs, they are the cosmic experts. They are the professors of knowledge in such matters as worldly policies, giving spiritual advice and instructing your Guardian Angel to the best course of action for every eventuality.


If you go through life like a bull in a china shop, not taking heed of your inner voice and just doing what you want, when you want, with total disregard to others, then it will be almost impossible for your guardian angel to communicate with you.

It would be similar in trying to have  a normal conversation with someone at a loud rock concert...EVEN IF YOU SHOUT AT THE TOP OF YOUR VOICE YOU STILL CANNOT BE HEARD.


The Powers are also fearsome warriors and carry swords, they are 100% loyal to God and it is thought that none of them have ever become fallen angels.  However it is said that Lucifer was the General of the Powers and we all know that he  did in fact fall from grace and was banished to Earth as a result.



With this awesome Ex-Angel of Powers with us, it is of no surprise that we have so much disruption, pain and heartache, so many wars and death.  Lucifer has a lot of power but he does not put this power to good use, none of it...he's all bad.

I stress here that Lucifer's power is granted to him by God and that Lucifer can only operate under Gods licence, aka...Gods permission.  Lucifer relies on God for his very existence as we ourselves do.  God keeps Lucifer alive as he is part of Gods divine plan.

Either way it is still a poignant illustration of what can happen if just one of these angels turns bad. Lucifer and his followers days are numbered though, as specifically stated by John in the Holy Bibles book of Revelation.




Archangels are chief angels and are consequently the general managers of all the guardian angels.  Two of the most notable Archangels are Gabriel and Michael, who are both very powerful beings in their own right.

It is understood that these two Archangels alone kicked Lucifer and all the angels of iniquity out of heaven.

Lucifer & Co were the ones who by their own design and iniquity fell from grace, they have lost their angelic looks and now apparently resemble reptilian aliens.  This falling from grace, was of course during the first rebellion against almighty God the Father. Bad move!

Archangels are not to be underestimated, just because they are on the lowest level, their power exceeds their level of existence and can come right down from the Almighty Father.




The basic angels are the beings in which we are most familiar with out of all the angelic beings.  They are the lowest spiritual order but hold immense authority over the affairs of all people on the Earth. They are also the messengers of almighty God the Father.

Angels are more earthbound then any other celestial beings, they spend a lot of their time in and around the world and are there to assist whenever a person dies.  They work tirelessly and obediently to the job set out for them.

Angels are not ordered to do any work for anyone, they are all volunteers and take delight in their work.  In fact much happiness and delight can be gained for an angel who undertakes such work and strange as it may seem...a reason for their existence is then more evident to them as well.

Just floating around the cosmos may not reap much benefit to any developing being, we must not forget that angels are also  on the path of spiritual attainment.  Of course, their level of development is much more advanced than any mere mortal.



Angels are partitioned off into two sections.  The first section exist as free spirits coming and going from physical realm to spiritual realm and they are the angels that one sees after death.

The other section are those that have been elected as guardian angels and will stay within reach of a person all throughout their life, they of course are also visible to a person after death. Death of course is in reality the transition from the physical to the spiritual. Death is not the end but a part of the continuation of the existence of the free spirit.

Due to the law of free will, it is up to the individual to contact their Guardian Angel, they will always tell you things throughout your life and what they tell you is often deemed as  intuition.

When they speak to you, you may say that "I had a strange feeling" or "I knew something was wrong" or "I knew that I should not have gone there"  Guardian angels are always warning us of impending danger, it is up to the individual to recognise it when they do and to respond with alternative action.




Angels are always in contact with us and are never far away, there are some telltale signs of when an Angel or your Guardian Angel is in close proximity to you.  You do not need to be clairvoyant, psychic, telepathic or gifted in anyway to acknowledge your Guardian Angels presence.

You may never actually see your Guardian Angel but can become aware of them at certain times, when an angel is trying to communicate with you.  For example...

...the atmosphere of the room changes and becomes lighter, you inexplicably feel happier and good about yourself, you may also sense a warm glow around you.

You experience an overwhelming feeling of love and peace.  The feeling of being protected and a warmth will fill you.

The air feels charged and you may experience a rush of energy and a slight dizzy feeling.  The light-headedness is a pleasant feeling and you feel very tranquil.

You may experience a beautiful aroma, as if an air freshener has been dispensed in the room.  The smell of chocolate has also been associated with the presence of a Guardian Angel.

You may see colored lights before your eyes or clouds of color may come in and out of your visual range.



You may see a bright white light when your eyes are closed, it will form in the center of your head where the third eye is.  It is actually your third eye that sees this light, the lights of course are the angels themselves.

You may sense light and fragile hands on your shoulders or they may touch your head..its a fuzzy feeling when they do, barely discernable but if you are quiet and peaceful minded you may notice it.

If you have a lot of synchronicity or a lot of coincidences piling up one after the other or your mounting problems solve themselves then your Guardian Angel is working for you.

You just have to believe, to get the best from them.  They are  there, they have always  been there and they  always will  be there...for you...for us...for everyone.  Just ask them to help you and they will be glad to help you.  Ask and ye shall receive sayeth the Lord.



Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom Gods love commits me here, ever this day and night be at my side, to light, to guard, to rule and guide.




Created September 19th 2011.    Updated May 29th 2014.