Big Roy is a four axle, eight wheel drive articulated tractor that was built by  Versatile Manufacturing Ltd  in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.



In 1947 The Hydraulic Engineering Company was founded in Toronto, Canada and began a production run of small size agricultural implements under the name of Versatile.



In 1954 the Hydraulic Engineering Company launched its first large machine, an innovative self propelled swather.  The Hydraulic Engineering Company was incorporated in 1963 as a public company, adopting the name Versatile Manufacturing Ltd.

Then in 1966 Versatile, operating out of Winnipeg, Canada, became involved in the manufacture of huge four wheel drive tractors that produced power in excess of two hundred horse power.



Versatile Manufacturing Ltd changed ownership in 1976 and changed names again in 1977, becoming the Versatile Farm Equipment Company, a division of The Versatile Corporation.

In 1991 The Versatile Farm Equipment Company became part of Ford New Holland Americas, N. H. Geotech's United States division.



Big Roy was the biggest tractor that the Company ever made.  The true designation of Big Roy is the Buhler Versatile 1080, it is a prototype that was built the late 1970's.

It weighs about 26 tons and is equipped with a 600 horse power 19 liter Cummins diesel engine.



Here are some technical specifications of Big Roy

General Dimensions: Wheelbase: 22.2 feet.

Overall length: 30.5 feet.

Overall height to top of cab: 11 feet.

Frame: Articulated frame incorporating eight wheel drive.  Frame oscillates to 10 degrees in both directions.

Engine: Cummins KTA 1150-600. delivering maximum 2100 RPM  @ 600  BHP



Tire Size: 30.5 x 32 single tire per hub.

Steering: Articulated frame, 40 degrees in both directions.

Turning Radius: 26.6 feet.

Shipping Weight: 54450 lbs. (24.3 tons)

Operating Weight: 57580 lbs. (25.7 tons)

Brakes: 20" discs with self adjusting, driveline mounted callipers.  Mechanically actuated calliper parking brakes.



Cab: Independent module with rollover protection.  Tinted safety glass.  Height 69.5 inches.  Fitted with rear view dust proof CCTV camera with 120 degree wide angle lens viewed via 9 inch cab monitor.



Electrical: 12/24 volt negative ground system.

Drive System: Multi plate dry 15.5 inch clutch. Similar to a motorcycles clutch.

Cooling System: Capacity: 85 U.S. quarts.  Two rubber mounted radiators, assisted by 28" diameter fan.

Final Drive: Rolling radius of drive wheel 31.5"  Total ratio of final drive: 27.41

Driveline: Engine to transmission. Transmission to drop boxes.  Drop boxes to Axles.



Transmission: 6 speed gearbox. 1st: 3.7 mph, 2nd: 5 mph, 3rd: 6.5 mph, 4th: 7.5 mph, 5th: 10.5 mph, 6th: 13 mph.

Exhaust System: Rubber mounted muffler with built-in spark arrestor.

Fuel Tank: Front mounted 550 U.S. gallons.

Because of huge production costs, Big Roy never went past the prototype stage and henceforth only one vehicle was ever built. This is sad really because I am sure that it would truly have been very versatile to say the least.



It would have been great to have seen lots of these tractors across the land doing their work but sadly like a lot of these huge monster vehicles, the cost of running them eats too much into a companies profits of whatever work they are set to do.



Big Roy can still be seen, as it is on display at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum in Austin, Manitoba, Canada.  If you live in the area it might be worth a trip to see it.





You can now own your very own Versatile Big Roy tractor, or at least the next best thing...a superb scale model of this great tractor.

The Versatile Big Roy tractor has been faithfully made in miniature by Die Cast Productions  and is available from the on the images below to visit their web site.



These are wonderful scale models and if you like tractors and farm vehicles then this is the model for you.



In the world that we live in, you can find a model of practically anything at all, if Big Roy is anything to go by.



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