This page discusses the historic disclosure of a CIA top secret covert assassination weapon, the SCAG Sudden Cardiac Arrest Gun or Heart Attack Gun.

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Gun was a CIA secret covert weapon, devised in the 1970's that fired a small poison dart into the target to induce a heart attack.  The dart was very small and was made entirely of a frozen highly toxic liquid, consequently the poison darts were carried in a special thermos container to keep them in their frozen state, before deployment.

It is thought that the darts were made from frozen concentrated cyanide, as cyanide when injected into a person induces a sudden cardiac arrest with hardly any evidence, as cyanide dissolves in the blood leaving practically no detectable trace.

 The darts were very small - similar to the image on the right -  maybe only 1 or 2mm across and travelled at a super high velocity to be able to penetrate average clothing, enter the body and only leave a small red dot on the skin.  It is estimated that the person who gets shot by this gun would feel nothing but a small pinch, as if bitten by a mosquito, some may feel nothing at all.  The poisoned dart would disintegrate and melt upon entering the flesh, during an autopsy there would be no visible trace of it at all.


For a coroner to detect cyanide in the bloodstream, a special blood test has to be specifically carried out for this purpose.  Even so, its a difficult task to determine if only half a milligram of cyanide is in say 10 pints of blood.

How many people who have died of cardiac arrest/heart attack have ever  been tested for cyanide poisoning? practically none, unless specially requested, as cyanide detection uses a lot of time and has a certain dollar cost attached to it.

The cyanide would enter the bloodstream and rapidly do its business of inducing a heart attack, the dart would not even need to hit any vital part of the body...anywhere would do and the person would die within a very short time.  Death by natural causes would be recorded for the demise of the person, as there would be nothing to indicate it was anything else.  The case would be wrapped up and all the detectives sent home!

It has also been suggested that such a gun as this could also fire a similar frozen dart carrying a substance that could induce cancer into the victim.  The cancer spores would grow and kill the recipient within a few hours, days or weeks.  To contract cancer and die within a short space of time is known as Sudden Cancer, its rapid  mechanism of death is a mystery to medical science.

The world of the covert CIA assassin is not a very cheerful one to say the least and it could be assumed that many political assassinations could have been carried out over the years.  Nobody would be any the wiser to the recipients death, as cardiac arrest would be substantiated as the cause.

This exclusive information about the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Gun was actually disclosed back in 1975.  It was disclosed to the US Senate Church Committee, who were conducting investigations into CIA activities and the possibility of illegal operations being carried out at home and abroad.  At that time, whether the CIA liked it or not, many disclosures about their  intelligence activities came to light.

Below is an image of two representatives of the Church Committee where one of the guys is holding up the SCAG for all to see.


The Church Committee is the common term referring to the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities.  The first U.S. Senate committee was chaired by Democrat Senator Frank Church in 1975.

A precursor to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the committee investigated intelligence gathering for illegality by the Central Intelligence Agency-CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation-FBI after certain activities and irregularities had been revealed by the Watergate Scandal.

This heart attack weapon came to light in 1975, this was over 35 years ago at the time of writing.  High Technology back in the 1970's was in its far as we what covert weapons have the CIA got today?  I bet James Bond would be left blushing if he were to find out!

How long have the CIA had this weapon?...let us recall Jack Ruby for instance.  Jack Ruby was the man who in 1963 openly killed Lee Harvey Oswald with a .38 revolver, after Oswald allegedly shot JFK. Jack Ruby died of cardiac arrest a few weeks afterwards.


There may have been various types of  SCAG, but they would all have been very silent in their operation, similar to an air pistol or suppressed semi-automatic pistol.  They would have been used at a slightly longer range than pistols are usually deployed at, so that the victim had no suspicion that he had been shot.

As the images show, all of these pistols were fitted with telescopic sights and this confirms the long range hypothesis.  However, as stated earlier, spot on accuracy to hit vital areas was not needed, due to the nature of the poison darts.

Why have a bespoke pistol manufactured when they are already available, the pistol shown below is a modern Beretta XX-Treme CO2 gas powered pistol in 4.5mm caliber.    Fitted with a more powerful CO2 cartridge, suppressor, red dot telescopic sights and an eight round magazine capability, they would indeed be silent and very deadly.

It would be capable of firing the miniature poison darts if they were similar to a  flechette.  A flechette is a thin dart within a cartridge case, the dart has a sheath (sabot) around it of the same caliber as the bore of the barrel so that it can be fired.  Below is seen a larger version that is fired in rifles...

...the sabot immediately separates in flight and the dart continues on its flight path at super high velocity as seen in the image below.


What type of weapon would the CIA be using today though, decades later?  I would guess that an ELF Extreme Low Frequency microwave gun would be the CIA's covert assassination gun of today.  ELF's are Extreme Low Frequency microwaves that are concentrated into a small area.

Neurological research has recently discovered that the human brain has a specific frequency of operating movement, called preparatory sets.  By firing a powerfully charged and pulsed ELF beam at a persons chest, the heart can be destabilized and as it transmits electronic signals to the brains preparatory sets, they rebound and can cause a heart attack.

This is totally undetectable, the perfect murder and assassination weapon, many high profile figures in government, business and commerce who may be of age to suffer a cardiac arrest could be killed with this weapon.


52 year old reporter Mark Pittman seen below, died of a heart attack shortly after he stated that the current financial crisis was actually pre-planned and later exposed the Federal Reserve for apparent fraudulent activity.  He lead the Bloomberg News Agency to sue the Federal Reserve...shortly before his death.

Matt Simmons seen below, was an oil industry expert who turned into a whistle-blower over the Obama administrations alleged cover-up of the BP Gulf Oil spill.  He died at his second home in Maine, USA in 2010, aged 67.  An autopsy concluded death by accidental drowning due to attributes of heart disease kicking in and rendering him unconscious as he swam in the pool.

Former Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milosevic seen below, faced charges of genocide for his alleged criminal actions during the Bosnian, Croatian and Kosovo conflicts in the 1990's.  He died of a cardiac arrest in the Hague tribunal detention center where he was being held.  His timely death saved a lot of time and money to prosecute him.  There  were no mourners for him though, as over 100,000 people died in that terrible civil war, many of them attributed to him.

Robin Cook, seen below, the British Labor Party politician died of a sudden heart attack in 2005, shortly after his total abhorrence and condemnation of the Iraqi war.

John Smith, seen below, leader of the British Labor Party died of a sudden heart attack in 1994.  His death allowed Labor to follow new directions, increase the support with the USA in the Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) after the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein, four years earlier in 1990.

British Prime Minister David Cameron's friend Christopher Shale, seen below, aged 56, died of a massive heart attack in June 2011 after being warned from Downing Street that his criticisms of the Tory Party were to go public.  A police spokesman said: " The results of the post-mortem combined with the inquiries conducted into the circumstances surrounding the death indicate it is not suspicious. "

Dr Ramin Pourandarjani, seen below, a notable Iranian doctor was found dead in a dormitory at Tehran police headquarters, he died of a heart attack during his sleep in 2009.  He apparently knew a lot of secrets concerning the Iranian government and the CIA...some say he knew too much.

RIP all of them.

I could continue with a long list of notable, famous and historic figures who have died suddenly via heart attack/cardiac arrest at appropriate times, but it is impossible to determine who genuinely died and who was assassinated.  The SCAG is certainly the perfect murder/assassination weapon, it is a pity that the ingenuity that created it could not have been put to better use.



The Taser as seen below, is the latest high tech weapon to fight crime.  It is not a covert gun and it is not used for assassinations by the CIA, FBI or anyone else. It is a non lethal pistol that police forces use to subjugate hostile criminals who are resisting arrest.

However, even though the gun is technically classed as non lethal, it has indeed killed several people since its introduction and usage a few years ago.  The Taser fires two high voltage discharge darts into the person, electrocuting them into a state of paralysis.  This has consequently induced  a cardiac arrest in several recipients, leading to their deaths.

If the felon who had just committed an offence is in his seventies or eighties then common sense dictates that the Taser should not be deployed...however it has  been deployed in these circumstances and continues to do so. 

Shockingly, there have been some YouTube videos of the police deploying the Taser in situations that did not call for it.  One such incident was of a mentally retarded man, quietly standing still with his hands up...the cop still tasered him.  If the cop was so mentally ineffectual himself, that he had to taser the guy instead of using common sense and diplomacy, then I strongly advocate that the cop is in the wrong job!

I have just managed to source the video I mention above and have embedded please do see for yourself the reason of my criticism...


I do not intentionally criticise the police as our world would be that of pure anarchy, mob rule and chaos without them.  It is just the odd bad apple that spoils their otherwise clean image.



Created September 10th 2011.    Updated December 30th 2011