The Lexion 590R is one of the worlds largest Combines.

It has a great crop yielding capacity for the farmer regardless of the type of crop, be it corn wheat, rice, barley, in fact any crop that is grown on the Planet can be harvested with the Lexion.




The Lexion 590R has the ability to harvest eighty bushels of corn every minute which equates to 4,800 bushels an hour. With wheat, then thirty bushels are harvested in a minute or 1800 bushels an hour.

The productivity of the Lexion 590R is second to none in today's busy Farming world and today's hungry planet.



Unloading the harvested crop is also on the large scale, with a 26 foot Auger which is also the longest in the world, that can unload 3.3 bushels of grain a second with the largest foldable grain tank in the world, holding 360 bushels.

The 590R has a fantastic ability to be one of the most productive Combines in the world.



The Lexion 590 R is the farming industry's only class 9 combine and despite its weight of 43,730lbs  its 462hp variable to 516hp engine is one of the most efficient and economical.

It is also bursting with the latest technology to help the farmer gather in his crops with the least worries. The PAS Pre-Preparation System allows complete and gentle threshing in all conditions.

All adjustments can be made from inside the comfortable cab, there is no need to get out and start using any spanners.

A great optional extra with the 590R is an Auto Contour adjuster which allows the combines platform to tilt up to 4.5°  in either direction, as the image below depicts.  This gives the combine great ability to harvest from uneven surfaces.



The Lexion 590R pictured below, has had the combines removed. They detach quite easily and enable the 590R to be parked up in the barn or at the edge of the field without taking up too much room.



Technical Features of The 590 R for all those Combine fanatics out there.

MaxFlex™ System enables closer to the ground harvesting on uneven slopes.



Auto Contour maintains the perfect cutting height with simultaneous up/down-side to side motion.  Multi-link Connector enables quick connections of electrics and hydraulics in one go.



Optional Auto Pilot allows the combine to steer automatically and reduces driver fatigue.  Optional Laser Pilot is precision steering to allow full use of the header.



Optional GPS automatically steers the combine in all crops in all fields using satellite navigation.

Feeder-House: Three Lift Cylinders offer the highest in the industry

Variable Speed Drive optimizes feeder-house and head spreader to suit harvest conditions.  Optional Header Pitch allows for the setting of the optimum angles for operation.



Threshing System:

APS Cylinder preserves the quality of the grain and optimizes performance by feeding the crop at a constant speed, angle and thickness to the threshing cylinder.

APS Concave blocking helps to improve performance with difficult crops.  Hydraulic Overload protection will let obstructions simple pass through and then reset to normal.

Straw Walker Separation: Multifinger separation System enhances performance by loosening the crop and allows kernel to drop faster.  Impeller helps to spread a thin crop mat to allows for maximum separation.

Straw Walkers -5 walkers operate a short stroke and along with a faster operation to get more G-force during separation.



Maintenance of the 590R is also designed to be as cost effective and easy as possible.

The sieve access is an open cleaning system designed with a hinged chaff spreader for easy access to all of the sieve area.  Along with  a rear service access area that offers loads of room for access, to carry our any maintenance.

The multi-tasking ladder can be located to the combine at many different key points for ease of inspection.  The grease banks are in very easy access points to enable quick and easy servicing.

Service doors are large and open wide on both sides of the combine and are lockable.  Cleaning out between crop cycles after harvesting is quick and easy with an automatic clean-out system with quick release hatches. 

Standard equipment of the 590 R.  Electrical: 160 Amp Alternator @ 12 Volts, 1 aux electrical circuit and 1 battery, Halogen lights and all warning lights with signals and rotating beacons.


The C-13 Turbocharged air to air after-cooled 6 cylinder 462 HP diesel engine, with electronic fuel shut off.  210 gallon fuel tank with variable hydrostatic ground drive with twin speed EHS transmission.




Mobil Trac System with 35 in caterpillar low vibration belts 575R-585R or front tires 800/65 R32 172 A8 with rear tires @ 500/85 R24 10L

Front caterpillar 'Mobile Trak™' and powered rear axle can also be fitted to the Lexion 590R.

The tracks give better grip in wet and muddy conditions and also spread the weight of the combine to reduce compaction of the ground whilst the powered rear axle assists greatly in precision turning, at the touch of a button as its turn on - off activated.


Operators Environment:

A pressurized cab with air conditioning, heater, stereo radio for driver comfort along with large rotational windscreen wiper, electrically adjustable rear view mirrors, tilt telescopic steering wheel.

There are also overhead cooling compartments for more food and drinks, cup holder, cigar lighter and ashtray, courtesy lights , tinted glass, front and rear horn, carpet.

The controls and instruments are also state of the art with all electrical and hydraulic settings adjustment in cab, including hydrostatic ground speed control, and seventeen function fingertip control.



Overall the entire combine can be set up for all and any type of crop harvesting from within the cab.  The CAT Lexion 590 R is reaping the crop and the benefits.



The new kids on the block...

The Cat Lexion is to be superseded now, by amongst others, the John Deere S Series S690.  This new Combine is putting in its bid to be the Worlds Largest Combine harvester.

It might also have all the right faculties to do this as well, especially with its twin turbo-charged S series PowerTech PSX 13.5 liter engine.  This diesel engine produces a power output of a whopping 543 HP with a Max power boost of 626 HP, it certainly is making a great stance in the farming community.



It is also equipped with a 400 bushel ( 14,100 ltr ) hydraulic grain tank that can empty at a rate of 351 Liters in a second.  The whole tank can empty in just over one minute and forty seconds.  The S690 will also host of whole lot of new features, ready for the 2012 market.

Other contenders for being amongst the worlds largest Combines are the CaseIH 9120, New Holland CX series and the Masse Fergusson 9895 as seen below.



The New Holland CX8090 as seen below is also a good contender and offers many new features to make harvesting easier and faster.

It is noted too that many of these new Combines are now favoring caterpillar tracks  on the front end for extra traction and control in all conditions.



In the farming world the competition for the biggest, best, fastest and most powerful is a never ending field (no pun intended) of growth and evolution. 

The world needs to be fed and these are the machines that keep the food coming in. From cereals, biscuits, flour and bread the combines do the work, all we have to do is live on the produce as end of the line consumers.






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