It is thought by a growing number of people that giants did actually exist a few thousand years ago, they were called Nephilim  by the ancients.

These giants were between fourteen and thirty-six feet tall, they all had red hair, six fingers and six toes on each limb and a double row of sharp teeth!

The tallest ever giants ever to walk the Earth was said to be over four hundred and fifty feet tall.  This page will not cover this particular story though and will just contend with the giants that have been verified as existing via skeletal remains...all under 36 feet tall.

Giants would apparently fight in battles against normal soldiers, it is thought that giants like Goliath were hired by rulers and given land, luxury and everything they wanted if they would fight for them.

It is understood by some researchers that Goliath may not have been a true Philistine, but was merely hired to fight for them.  Records show that Goliath originated from Goth, a Philistine province but it remains uncertain whether he was actually born there.

The painting segment below by Brian Snoddy depicts what a giant may have looked like in the heat of battle.  Pick them up, run them through, throw them down and do it again! They would have been very formidable to say the least!

Painting by artist Brian Snoddy 2005

Giants were not nice, they all had attitude, were also apparently man eaters and were inherently cruel in that they took delight in ripping a man apart limb from limb.  They would kill anyone in their way and probably then eat them, it is said they drank human blood to quench their thirst.

As the old Jack & the Beanstalk  rhyme goes "Fe fi fo fum I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread"  Ever since childhood, we have always envisaged giants as very unfriendly ogres, bent on killing this due to some distant memory in our spiritual mind.


The spiritual mind is the infinite part of us that survives after death.  With the reincarnation of the soul into a new life, the spiritual mind with all the experience of its past lives constantly reminds our subconscious of certain things like, fear, danger, right and wrong etc, science merely calls this instinct...but in reality it is spiritual mind.

On rare occasions after a child is born, at the age of four or five with no tutoring...he may play the piano, a guitar, paint like an artist or recall flying a plane, driving a car etc we then call him a gifted  child...this is in fact proof of the existence of the spiritual mind and how it remembers past experience.

The Holy Bible tells us that there were giants in Earths past, when we hear of this today we are conditioned to think that its very far fetched...something inside us still makes us shiver though.  However, over the centuries, some interesting remains have been discovered...remains of giants, and these remains have helped to verify and confirm the myths as factual truth.

Below left is an image of a guy standing next to a giants thigh bone that was uncovered in the Middle East in the late1950's.  The bone is now attached to a board, the size of the skeleton that it came from was drawn onto the board behind it...the giant would have been around fifteen feet tall at this scale!

     To the exact same scale:  Man   Giant

This four foot long thigh bone (femur) was actually discovered in South East Turkey in the Euphrates Valley region, nr Homs and Uran-Zohra.  Construction work unearthed the thigh bone from several tombs that were unfortunately destroyed in the process.

What may give us more clues to the existence of giants was written by Moses in the Torah ( Holy Bible ) he states in Genesis 6:4 "There were giants on the Earth in those days and also after that, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bear children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown "  Moses wasn't kidding...

...below is a chart that has been assembled from collated information over the centuries of reported and recorded finds of skeleton remains.  Admittedly these giants are very hard to comprehend, especially the thirty-six foot tall giant.

A: Present modern day man has an average height of around six foot with a divergence of ± six inches

B: Discovered during some road construction in the Euphrates Valley, Southeast Turkey in the late 1950's, the femur bone of a fifteen foot tall skeleton.

C: Maximinus Thrax, Caesar of Rome 235-238 A.D was said to be around eight foot six inches tall.

D: Goliath, who David slew in Biblical history was around nine foot tall  ± a few inches.  David smacked a stone into Goliaths forehead from his sling, Goliath was dazed and fell to the ground. David then quickly ran over, picked up Goliaths sword and lopped his head off with it.

E: King Og, as mentioned in Deuteronomy 3:11 has an iron bedstead that was fourteen foot long by six foot wide.  The height of King Og was said to be anywhere from twelve to fourteen foot.  Some historians even suggest a height of eighteen foot...but his bed would have been a bit too small to accommodate him! So I'll settle at thirteen foot six inches for King Og.


Some biblical stories about the great flood state that King Og actually helped Noah to finish the construction of the Ark and escaped the following deluge.  It is said that Og travelled and lived on the roof of the Ark.  For his free passage, Og apparently had to promise Noah that he would be an obedient slave in the new world.

It states in the Holy Bible that there were also giants after the flood...could they have been the later offspring of the only surviving giant...Og?

F:  Discovered under an overturned oak tree in the Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland in 1577 A.D were bones from a nineteen foot six inch tall skeleton.

G: Discovered beside a river in Valence, France in 1456 A.D were bones from a skeleton that would have stood twenty-three foot tall.

H: Discovered near the castle of Chaumont in France in 1613 A.D was a nearly completely intact skeleton that measured a total of twenty-five foot six inches tall.

I:  Somewhere between 200 and 600 B.C, the Carthagians apparently uncovered the remains of two giants that would each have stood an unbelievable thirty-six foot tall.


The existence of giants could also explain a few mysteries of the ancient world, in respect of their huge stone temples, walls and cities.  In Sacsayhuamán, Peru, South America, is an ancient wall that was built thousands of years ago with exact fitting stones, some of which weighed over one hundred tons.  Shown below is one of the many walls at Sacsayhuamán, one cannot get a razor blade in between the cracks and many believe they were hued with laser technology.

It has always mystified us at how these ancient tribesmen, living in the jungle making clay pots had the technology to lift such huge weights, well maybe a painting from artist Brian Snoddy has a plausible explanation...the giants simply lifted them up and placed them into position...that is...if we agree that giants did actually exist.

Painting by artist Brian Snoddy 2007

It stands to reason that giants built these walls, if ordinary man had built them, then the blocks would have been smaller.  Otherwise, why exert all that special effort for? and take much much longer to build a wall with blocks that are too big to manage? The blocks however, are just the right size to have been managed by a thirty foot tall giant, a giant whose arms alone would have been as thick as a mans body.

The solution then, is as plain as the nose on your face..if you believe the giants existed that is.  As I said earlier, the blocks were about the right size to be managed by thirty foot obviously they built them...probably hired to do the task by the natives for sacrificial meals and a drink of freshly sacrificed human blood.


So what happened to all of these giants, where are they all now? they obviously became extinct, but how?  For one possible answer to this, we have to take a look at the Holy Bible again.  The giants are mentioned in there, so it can be assumed that their demise is also mentioned...and it is.  It is indeed thought by certain factions that if they did in fact exist, then they all died in the great Biblical flood that covered the whole Earth.


The story of the great flood is not just mentioned in the Holy Bible, it is in fact mentioned in every religious book of every religion in the world today.  The names and some other details may be different to the Holy Bibles version, but they all follow the same pattern and state a great flood killed off all life apart from all life in the Ark.

This mass corroboration about the flood does shine elements of truth on the whole matter and I for one do believe the story as ipso-facto.

Nota Bena: If giants or anyone else for that matter, were sailing in boats at the time of the flood, then they would not have had enough supplies aboard to give them enough sustenance to survive, as Noah was at sea for nearly a year.

In some ancient references it is stated that the giants apparently mocked Noah stating that a flood would not rise any higher than their throats and that they would tread out a damn to block any waters.  However it is thought that the flood was so high that it even covered Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on the planet.  Sir Edmund Hillary found seashells and clams on top of Everest during his famous expedition in 1953.

When God stated that all of Earth had become corrupt, he was insinuating that the giants were the corrupted species and indeed they would have been.  So God wiped them out, just leaving the normal sized Noah and his family to survive.


Conspiracy theory focus groups believe that many real giants skeletons have indeed been discovered, and that this has been hidden from mainstream knowledge. They suggest one such example of a giant cover up was created as a  competition, on who could Photoshop  the most realistic giant skeleton photo's.

NOTE: is an image manipulation and contest website. It started in 2002 and hosts over 350,000 unique images made for graphics, photography, text, and multimedia competitions and contests

Whereas many real, authentic photo's of giant  skeletons were cleverly entered into the competition, this then discredited them thereafter as fakes.

I have managed to source some photos of giants skeletal remains off the internet.  As it is practically impossible to determine which photos are real and which ones are fake, due to the excellence of Photoshop, I have decided to publish the most authentic looking ones here and let you decide yourselves which ones you believe are real and which ones are not.  Indeed they may all be real or they may all be fake.





Some news emerged around 2005 that several US soldiers in Iraq actually found a mummified fifteen foot tall giant in a remote cave.  It was remarkably well preserved, with red hair, six fingers and six toes on each limb...just as described in the Holy Bible.  The giant was apparently dragged out by diggers, packed up on big pallets and secretly shipped out to America for closer analysis.  The soldiers were all sworn to secrecy, but some news did leak out, as truth usually does.



If you were one of those soldiers then please do e-mail me with any information or any pictures, photos, or sketches you may have, as the world has the right to know about our history...I promise total anonymity. Any info will of course be filtered and authenticated as best as possible before posting up.


Amongst all the fakers, hoaxers and sensation seekers, there are apparently many genuine credible people with recorded accounts about the past existence of giants. However, all their proof and evidence is usually confiscated, invalidated or destroyed to keep the knowledge of giants well and truly buried.

Also, the suppression of anything that can validate the Holy Bible as accurate and correct is usually invalidated and discredited by the powerful secret societies and ruling elite.



It is slowly being disclosed that secret societies and the ruling elite all practice Devil worship, so its of no surprise that they do in fact discredit any biblical truths that may surface.  Suppress it they might, but the truth is out there and slowly but surely, it will surface.

As I have stated on a lot of my Conspiracy Zone webpages, the truth is difficult to indefinitely suppress as the barrage of lies that smothers it has to be constantly maintained or the truth slips out...and it does!


More and more evidence of the past existence of giants is being unearthed all the time, especially with the way that we are always constructing new roads, buildings, industrial complexes, recreation centers etc.  History is just a few feet under the surface, but when it is discovered how much of it actually finds its way into mainstream media?

When is the last time we heard about the discovery of giant skeletons in the mainstream news? answer...never! yet there is so much suppressed evidence to state that they have been found, but we have never heard about it.



The giants of old, known as the Nephilim, were said to be the offspring of the fallen Annunaki ( fallen angels ) who took human women as their wives.

Some time ago The Discovery Channel presented a program about three ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's called Akhenaton, Nefertiti and Tutankhamun.  The program makers graphics department used CGI (computer generated images)  to reconstruct their heads, making their craniums out to be of normal size.

However, the mummified remains of Akhenaton, Nefertiti and Tutankhamun show that they all had incredibly elongated, foot long skulls, that sloped back almost at right angles from the forehead.



Nefertiti was the wife of Akhenaton and he was the father of King Tutankhamun.  Tutankhamuns name is actually a derivative of three names.  Tut  his Egyptian name, Ankh  is a symbol of long life and amun  meaning " let it be so "


Below on the left is shown what is accurately believed to be an ancient Egyptian stone bust of Nefertiti.  On the right is a Photoshopped  image of how she would have looked when she was alive.


However, Nefertiti preferred to be portrayed as a normal person and consequently all her commissioned busts and portraits for public display showed her to be eloquently normal.  An authentic ancient Egyptian bust of Nefertiti is shown below...with no elongated cranium of course!

Below is shown a profile of Tutankhamun, notice how the program makers have made the skull look more normal...albeit slightly elongated.  In actual fact Tutankhamuns head was about thirty-five percent more elongated.

Mainstream science tries to explain elongated skulls away as a congenital condition called dolichocephalism, in which the abnormal early fusion of the craniums bones during development restricts the width of the head.

If anything, it was done deliberately..."Cranial deformation can be defined as the product of dynamic distortion of the normal vectors of the infantile neurocranial growth through the agency of externally applied forces  "(Moss, 1958: page 275)

The sketch below illustrates how the cranium was compressed with boards on a 24/7 basis during the child's growth.

Either way, The Discovery Channel did not portray the truth, the only truth this suppression of fact portrays is that...

A: Because it didn't fit into conditioned levels of evolution theory, they ignored it.

B: They are controlled by the nefarious ruling elite.

C: They simply lie, lie and lie again to suppress and cover up the truth about giants, aliens and their interference in our genetic growth on this planet.

D: We should not always believe mainstream media, as they please their masters behests first, the masses are thought of as no consequence as they will believe any old rubbish as long as its presented right.

The truth is that the Pharaohs were either aliens, alien hybrids or to simulate aliens, their heads had been banded during infancy to form the elongation. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians got all their learning from the Gods  (aliens) whose heads were of course...elongated.

Below are shown two skulls, their elongated dimensions equalled extra large brains.  This is thought to be the reason why they were so intelligent and far more advanced than ordinary  men were.  Hence people like King Tut were worshipped as Gods.


Many people in African and South American tribes etc still deform their heads to this day by head binding from birth, the result is shown in the image below...

 ...they do this for a homage to their ancestors from the stars...or why else would they do it?..just so it looks cool and trendy within the tribe seems a bit daft to say the least.

It about time that the truth, the real bare bones truth is disclosed to the world instead of the sensitised and conditioned rubbish that is ladled out daily in schools, colleges, universities, the media and other purporters of the truth.

My final words on this is that if you say that the ancient skull pictured here is the result of head binding then I'm a fruit blancmange from Mars.

This cranium has way too much bone matter to have grown from a human being.  I would state that this actual skull is that of an alien, who for some reason wanted burial on Earth and not his own planet...maybe to perpetually lie with his deceased Earth wife.



This skull along with many other elongated cranium skulls are all on display at the Regional Museum in Ica, Peru: Museo Regional de Ica  address Jr. Ayabaca 8va cuadra s/n San Isidro, Ica. Phone: Peru (056) 23-4383.  If you are ever on vacation over there, then pop in and see the fossilised freak show.


The apparent skull of Nefertiti also has way too much bone and hence cannot be of this world.  These skulls are just not natural, which ever way you look at them...its a simple as that.

Can you imagine what these people would have looked like when they were alive...egghead  would have been an understatement when  Mount Everest head  would have been more suitable!!

Sometimes the obvious is just too obvious and when it finally jumps out at you, the things you thought that you thought you knew simply evaporate.  You then need to replace the old beliefs with the new and start over again. So lets drive down a different road and see what awaits around the bend.  I hope you make that sharp right hand turn very soon.



Created September 11th 2011.    Updated September 26th 2011.