This was Adolf Hitlers personal pistol, it is a 7.65mm Walther PP. Police Pistol. This is a slightly longer version than the James Bond style Walther PPK. Police Pistol Kurz, "Kurz" meaning short.

Hitler received the pistol on his 50th birthday on April 20th, 1939 from Karl Walther himself. The pistol is heavily embellished and specially engraved.

Below, Is a rare color photo of Hitler as he meets some of his officers during an inspection.

The engraving on the Walther PP is also gold inlaid, this has however, worn rather thin over the years. Adolf Hitlers initials are also embellished onto the white ivory grips in pure silver and add to the overall attraction of the piece.

The images of the pistol are all a little blurry as I took screen grabs off a DVD that featured the gun.

Its inscription identifies the pistol as a gift from Karl Walther.  Karl Walther would have wanted to present him with such a lavish gift owing to the fact that Hitler had armed much is his army with Walther P-38 semi-automatic pistols in replacement of the Luger P-08 pistol.

Below is an image of the 9mm Parabellum Walther P-38, this pistol was used in all theaters of war by the Germans during World War Two. It was quite accurate, reliable and robust.  It fired the same ammunition as the Luger P-08, so the transition from one pistol to the other was barely noticeable.

It is estimated that Adolf Hitlers Walther PP could fetch over a million dollars if it ever went to auction. Obviously its intrinsic value as a curiosity item out weights its aesthetical value. Although its aesthetical value would still hold a high price due to it being a scarce and a somewhat contemporary work of art.

Most of histories embellished and engraved pistols and revolvers are now selling at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars, many indeed selling for the magic million dollars and Adolf Hitlers pistol is certain to be in that category.

There is one small exception that makes this pistol perhaps one of the most unique in the world and that is it is now assumed that this may have been the actual pistol that Hitler used to commit suicide with in the Bunker on April 30th1945.

There were apparently some small blood stains discovered on the gun, under the pistols grips to be more precise. This dried blood was apparently analysed and was discovered that it was at least Hitlers same blood type.

If these findings were 100% genuine then this also helps to assert the fact that Hitler did indeed commit suicide as was always thought and he did not in fact escape to Argentina or the North Pole! This discovery about the pistol would increase its value many times over. This has yet to be thoroughly substantiated though.

The pistol was apparently found in Hitlers old apartment in Munich late in 1945 along with other paraphernalia and this gives some speculators reason enough to believe that the blood was faked onto it and that the pistol itself may never have been used by Hitler to commit suicide. The actual amount of blood found on the pistol was microscopic and today there is no sign of any of it.

Either way, the pistol is still worth a tremendous amount due to the person who originally owned it. And the fact that its not your everyday Walther PP but a highly embellished and engraved one.

The pistol actual sold for over $100,000 in the early 1980s in a private firearms collectors auction, it changed hands several times after that for considerably more. It can hence be speculated that it would easily reach a million dollars today.

This pistol has everything that a very wealthy firearms enthusiast could has history, infamy, artistic attraction and intrinsic value, binding it all together. Truly one of the world most curios firearms.


Hitler also possessed another heavily engraved pistol and that was a .32 caliber Lilliput Model 1.  This small, concealable pistol was manufactured in 1938, it was heavily embellished and engraved just as his Walther PP was.

This pearl gripped Lilliput Model 1 semi-automatic pistol was presented to Hitler by fellow Nazi Party member Max Kehl as a special presentation gift in 1938.

The pistol was discovered in a government building in Munich 1945 just after the wars end. The pistol is lavishly engraved and gold plated.  There is an inscription on the side that reads "DEM VEREHRTEN FUHRER HITLER VON PG KEHL, MUNCHEN, AUS DESSEN HEIMAT DER WAFFENSTADT SUHL" this inscription translates as "The venerable leader Hitler of PG Kehl, Munich, from his home the arms-manufacturing town Suhl"

There is also an inscription on the other side of the pistol that translates as "In Defiance of the Red Front & the Reaction. For the protection of our Leader."  This pistol is expected to reach several thousand dollars under auction.


Recently, Reich Marshall Herman Goering's pistol surfaced and is expected to reach around $55,000 at auction.  It is an embellished and gold plated 7.65mm Walther PPK, still in its presentation seen below.

It was surrendered to the Allies by Goering when he surrendered himself at the end of World War Two in Early May 1945.

American soldier, Lt Jerome Shapiro of the 142nd Intelligence and Reconnaissance platoon, arrested Goering as he fled Germany.  Goering was in his bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz car with his wife and daughter, which also had bags of luggage strapped to the roof.

Lt Shapiro and his squad discovered Goering on a heavily congested road that was overrun with soldiers and military vehicles.  Goerings entire entourage was stuck in grid-locked traffic, sitting static and going nowhere.  There were apparently eleven other vehicles with several high ranking officers, along with Goering.

Lt Shapiro recognized Goering in his pale blue Luftwaffe uniform and approached his car with his Colt .45 drawn at the ready.  He needn't have bothered, as Goering was anxious to surrender to the Americans.  Shapiro asked for Goerings sidearm and Goering requested that he keep his Smith & Wesson .38 revolver and emptied it of bullets.  Goering apparently wanted to hand it over to General Ike Eisenhower as a gesture of formal surrender.

Lt Shapiro allowed him to keep the revolver and it was then that Goering gave him the gold plated Walther PPK, which Shapiro was happy to accept. Below is a clear photo of Goerings gold plated PPK with gold plated magazine.  The serial number of 408111 K  is clearly visible.

Below is a color photo of Hermann Goering taken shortly after his surrender, he sits with Major Kubala of the U.S Army.

Even though Hermann Goering was a high ranking Nazi, it must not be forgot that he was also a World War One fighter ace.  Goering was actually accredited with 22 confirmed kills and was the holder of the coveted Blue Max  medal a.k.a Pour Le Mérite, as well as The Knights Cross  of the Iron Cross, The Zaehring with swords, The Friedrich Order and The House Order of Hohenzollem with swords  3rd class.

Goering committed suicide in his prison cell during the Nuremburg trials on October 15th, 1946, the night before he was due to be hanged.  He swallowed potassium cyanide that had somehow been smuggled into the prison. He would have died within 20 seconds of swallowing the poison.

It is interesting to note that when Lt Shapiro died in the 1970's his widow gave the pistol to a friend of her late husband who lived nearby in Delaware.  Twenty years later he sold the pistol to a private collector for an undisclosed sum.

The pistol has now surfaced into the public arena for the first time and has been made available for auction in America in October 2012.



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