Metal Storm is a machine gun that is capable of firing 1 million rounds per minute.  Yes you heard me right, that's 1 million rounds per minute! Which is about 16,600 rounds fired every second which is 16,500 more bullets fired in a second than the currently fastest multi barrelled rotary machine gun.

A normal Gatling Gun weapons system is shown below.  When operated the barrels rotate firing a bullet out of the top barrel every time it lines up. This particular gun is the hand held version as seen in the movie Predator  starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was used by the character called Blain Cooper as played by Jesse Ventura.

This rotary machine gun is an awesome beast in its own right with its super high rate of controlled fire.  But to some developers, 6,000 rounds per minute was just not good enough and Metal Storm was the result of this mindset.

Metal Storm is a multiple fixed barrelled weapons system that fires an unparalleled amount of bullets.  The actual gun represents a large metal box with barrels inside it as shown above.

Metal Storm has no moving parts, as all the projectiles are fired electronically.  Also there are no spent and ejected cartridge cases as in conventional machine guns, as Metal Storm ammunition is caseless.

Of course its not only bullets that Metal Storm fires, it can also fire 40mm mortar rounds just as quick.  The area in which they land and detonate would of course be completely obliterated.

Below is a cross section to illustrate how the bullets are racked, stacked and fired.

The bullets are pre-sealed in the barrels in a stacked configuration. By '"stacked" it means that all the bullets are one behind the other in the barrels, so in effect the barrel itself is now the ammo magazine.  No reloading of magazines is needed, the operator just replaces the pre loaded barrels.


Malfunctions such as typical machine gun jams are now totally eliminated, because as stated earlier, there are no moving parts except that is...the bullet moving up the barrel!

Therefore this weapons system is  99% dependable and reliable, this is a major leap in weapons technology.  The remaining 1% would be if there was an electrical malfunction...such as a flat battery!

The caseless ammunition has the propellant built in to the actual bullet itself and this propellant is ignited via a small electrical charge, in fact a triple A normal everyday Duracell  battery will be enough to operate the gun, so large battery packs and electric generators that are normally associated with guns of this type are not needed.

For example, the Gatling Gun or rotary barrel machine gun that fires up to 6,000 rounds per minute has to be operated by a large 240 volt electric motor as seen in the image below. Indeed it looks like there is actually 2 electric motors on this thing.


The small electrical current that operates Metal Storm is controlled by computer software, you just plug a laptop into it.  The signal goes to the exact barrel and the exact bullet within it, so that either one bullet or the entire amount of bullets can be fired.

1 rpm (rounds per minute), 6, or 60 or 6000, or 60,000 or 600,000 or even 1,000,000 bullets can be fired at the shooters behest.  The bullets can literally be fired out of a single barrel like a storm of solid metal in a continuous, almost solid line of hot lead.  Metal Storm is a weapons system that has more than one barrel!


Metal Storm is both the name of the product and also the company that manufactures it.  The company is based in Brisbane, Australia and has a subsidiary base in Washington D.C in the U.S.A and a pro-active development base in Seattle, U.S.A.

Metal Storm owns all the rights to the method that the gun fires its ammunition i.e. E.B.T  or Electronic Ballistics Technology, that was invented by Mr. J. Mike O' Dwyer.

Below is shown what appears to be Metal Storm MKII and it has more barrels! The original 36 barrels were obviously not enough when 200 barrels are better!

It is true what they say isn't can never have too much firepower! It also appears to have 4 x 40mm barrels attached to the outer edges for that extra bit of kick! Blasting the enemy into oblivion is obviously the main intent and purpose with this beast of a machine gun.

Metal Storm technology can be applied in lots of different ways, one of the ways to use this high capacity firing mechanism is in fully automated Sentry  guns. 

These quad barrelled guns lie dormant until sensors detect movement, then they automatically acquire the target and give it a quick million rounds per minute burst of say 600 bullets in 1/1000th of a second!

This machine gun is a user friendly, enemy un-friendly  'plug n play' system.


This is the perfect defence weapons system, literally set it up and forget about it, the gun will do the rest.  Just ensure that your own side know where these guns would be emplaced! Because like landmines, it would be totally indiscriminate of who or what it blows away.

Metal Storm can be mounted anywhere and also has the option of firing different types and calibers of ammunition such as, armor piercing, explosive and shrapnel, 9mm, 40mm, 20mm and even non lethal soft rounds.

Metal Storm electronic ballistic technology can also be miniaturized somewhat, and a handgun is under development that uses the same system as the larger ones as described on this page.


A handgun may not be as practical though as the firer would have to carry a fair few spare barrels otherwise called magazines with him at all times due to the rapid expenditure of the ammunition.

In this case, the pistol would need to be set to fire say a maximum of 3 rounds per trigger pull, you could then get 18 shots times three rounds if the capacity was 54 rounds in each gun.

Three bullets hitting the target in the same micro second would make a pistol like this a very lethal force to be reckoned with. Firing armor piercing ammunition would also give the best ballistic armor a run for its money.

Because the bullets would all be right behind each other in a line they would probably penetrate a bullet proof vest quite easily. This weapons system gives a whole new dimension to handgun lethality


It is understood that the Australian Government did not want to invest any capital in any of these weapons, so Metal Storm went over to the U.S.A, where it is now being developed and may soon see service with the military in the near future.

Handguns based on this technology could be tailored to suit the situation at hand.  A soldier might want full automatic mode, firing 30 or 40 rounds as fast as possible.  A police officer might want a double tap capability and fire two rounds with a single pull of the trigger. F.B.I or C.I.A agents might want to fire 5 round bursts during a shootout with the bad guys.

With Electronic Ballistics Technology, it appears that the options of firepower delivery are quite wide and varied. Lets just hope that weapons like these do not fall into the wrong hands,

With Electronic Ballistics Technology, machineguns mounted  on tanks, armored cars, jeeps, trucks, helicopters, and fighter aircraft, would dominate any battlefield of the future.

As soon as the enemy was detected then Metal Storm would completely obliterate them with an unfathomable amount of firepower. It would a pure rain of death with little or nothing surviving the wrath of Metal Storm.


Specially adapted gun carriages could be remotely controlled and sent into hot spots to eliminate enemy positions without the need of endangering military personnel. At the press of a button the enemy would be totally annihilated all from the comfort and safety of the operators parked up van!

Similar to the way drones operate today, this Metal Storm gun carriage would be a non negotiator, main play weapons system.

These barrels can literally pump out hundreds of large caliber shells or mortar rounds all day long if needs be! With this thing rolling up to an enemy position, firing away, blasting all and sundry....white flags would soon be waving from those enemy lines.


Below is an artists impression of a plane equipped with Metal Storm gun pods, imagine this flying over head and deploying a few hundred thousand 20mm or 40mm explosive shells onto enemy armor.  The word 'obliteration' does indeed come to mind!

If I was in government, then I would prefer my military to be equipped with this weapon system rather than the other guys.

It appears that Metal Storm is now just a metal dream after the company suspended their shares and ceased trading in July 2012.  The company has also apparently been placed into the hands of the receivers after liquidation into voluntary administration was executed.

The Metal Storm website is no longer online and Mike O' Dwyer no longer works on the project. The Metal Storm project has either totally collapsed due to limited funding or has gone underground into secret government research facilities.  I prefer to believe in the latter myself.

Interestingly, during the time of the project it has come to light that secret agents from China actually offered $100 million for Metal Storm to be developed in China.  This offer was apparently turned down but its thought the Chinese went ahead anyway and copied the design and technology.  After all there is one thing the Chinese can  do and that is to copy, imitate, replicate anything you can think of.

It shows that governments were/are definitely interested in this technology. We don't officially know what will become of this new wonder weapon and its technology but I suspect it will appear on a battlefield near you very soon! But on who's side?




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