The worlds largest ADT Articulated Dump Truck is built by the originally based Norwegian Moxy Company.  The Moxy MT51 is a permanent six wheel drive dumper truck with a payload of fifty tons, with a 26 ton unladen weight the MT51 has a total operating weight of over 76 tons! The largest in the World.

The Moxy MT51 is powered by a huge and very reliable massive fifteen liter straight 6 cylinder Cummins QSX15 water cooled diesel engine incorporating a multi-positioned waste gated turbo charger with air to air intercooler. 


The power is directed to a superb Allison 4600 ORS automatic transmission with lock up in all gears and a remote prop shaft driven two speed drop box.  All this helps to  deliver a massive power output of five hundred and ten horse power, which equates to about seven horse power per ton.

The fourteen speed splitter gear box utilizes maximum output through the following ranges.

  • 1st gear..................3 mph low range..............4.7 mph high range

  • 2nd gear..............6½ mph low range ............10 mph high range

  • 3rd gear...............9.3 mph low range .........14½ mph high range

  • 4th gear............14.3 mph low range ...........22.2mph high range

  • 5th gear................19mph low range .............29.3mph high range

  • 6th gear.............21½mph low range ...........33.2mph high range

  • Reverse gear.....2½ mph low range.................4 mph high range

More technically, the engine complies with U.S. EPA Tier 3, CARB Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA (ISO 8178) for emissions with the power rated @ (1kW = hp/1,36)(ISO 3046) 375 kW (510 hp) (ISO 9249) 374 kW (508 hp)

The Moxy MT51 is the companies flagship model which went into full production in 2007.  Moxy is a company who started the whole concept of articulated trucks and not surprisingly has a vast knowledge on this type of vehicle and over thirty years of know-how  is evident in the MT51

Consequently, the Moxy MT51 beats all competition with a vehicle of this design, durability, reliability and strength, not surprisingly it is a much sought after model within the construction industry.

The picture below depicts the Moxy MT51 traversing rough terrain with the greatest of ease.  Empty or with a full load, the suspension handles undulations that many other vehicles of this type would find hard to negotiate.

The fluid capacities of the Moxy MT51 ADT make a family cars fluid capacities look tame. The Moxy MT51 has a hundred and 32 gallon fuel tank, 56 gallons of hydraulic oil, sixteen and a half gallons of system cooling, ten gallons of transmission fluid and ten gallons of engine oil with twelve gallons of differential oil.

Also, the rear wheel suspension tandem housings have 67 gallons of lube oil between them. (imperial gallons) There is also a fair few gallons of grease within the automatic greasing system.

The tandem housing's 67 gallons of oil is well utilized too, in helping the rear wheels maintain traction regardless of the extremity of the undulations. The friction of all the metal to metal surfaces in this high stress close working environment is lovingly caressed in oodles of life preserving oil.  

As the image's below depict, the wild almost impossible angles that the Moxy MT51 can negotiate are quite severe, but it does it with ease helped by full traction.

Jamie Thomson who is currently the Managing Director for Moxy explains " We have had the market leading ADT design since the introduction of the Plus1 concept in the late 1990's but there is never time to sit back and relax. 

At Moxy we always want to push the boundaries so that we can continue to meet our customers current and future needs. The design team has really excelled itself with the MT51, everything has been improved from the running costs to the best in driver comfort  ".

The Moxy MT51 offers increased stability for what is already the worlds most balanced and stable ADT design on the market as it is anyway.  The MT51 for example does not need to run on expensive wide, low profile tires like its competitors.

The MT51 also incorporates improved operator safety with its much better visibility, this being achieved with the new cab and streamline bonnet design, that is also quite aesthetic in appearance, buts its still a wolf underneath. Even with big boulders and obstacles in its path the MT51's progress is not hindered in the slightest, whether its carrying a full load of burden or not !


The Moxy MT51 has also got a much higher load carrying capacity of fifty tons and a lower unladen weight than its competitors that are trying to strive in the same market. The MT51 is bigger and better and has the power to continue when push comes to shove.

The MT51 is also easier to maintain and service, the truck can be serviced at ground level due to it having centralized mounted servicing points hence no need for bespoke servicing garages and special ancillary equipment. In most cases its a case of "lifting the hood" and climbing aboard.

The new cab design also offers higher comfort for the operator, with a high standard of trim level.  The fully independent nitrogen front suspension improves the operators comfort to higher levels over what is already accredited as the best offered comfort levels with this type of vehicle.

The Moxy MT51 is the worlds biggest and most advanced ADT currently on offer. Moxy is no longer a sole Norwegian company, at the end of 2002 the British engineering company 'Thompson Group' out-bid other contenders to become the owners of Moxy in what is now known as Moxy Engineering AS.

Below is an image of Mr Brian Thompson, founder of  The Thompson Group standing next to a smaller Moxy MT31 that is also capable of completing big work loads, but in a smaller working environment as what its bigger brother the Moxy MT51 is more use to.

The Thompson Group which is a private family run venture has great experience in real estate and construction and has wide and focused vision on the improvement of the  Moxy range of construction Vehicles.  This was proved with the Moxy MT41 the forerunner of the MT51.

Below: The MT41, with the superbly engineered tandem housing clearly giving maximum grip on maximum uneven ground thus maximizing the work load at the same time.

Moxy  Engineering AS is developing the ADT market with innovation and technology that is keeping it ahead of all competition. The proof of this is the Worlds Biggest Articulated Dump Truck, The MT51.  A superb machine, which is a credit to modern Moxy Engineering.

I would like to thank the Moxy marketing and sales dept for several new and exciting images of the Moxy MT51, exclusively for use on this web page.


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