The Smart car made by Daimler-Benz gets its name from Swatch-Mercedes-Art and has been with us for quite a while now and many of us are quite familiar with seeing them on our roads...

...but how many of us have seen a Smart car that resembles something else...a Porsche perhaps or even a Ferrari...well now you can, the Smart cars as featured below have all been modified with body kits.

A body kit is in effect a plastic skin that replaces the original skin, the car can then take the look of any car including some of the worlds super cars.

Of course its only the outside that takes on the new look, all the original Smart car running gear and equipment is still the same.  Sometimes however, owners of these cars do in fact try to adapt as many original car parts onto it as they can..its only a question of money.

Below is a Smart Audi SUV, complete with chrome alloys, tinted glass and twin tail pipes.  It would be nice to think that this is also a 4x4 wheel drive, although I don't have the information at this time.  Parking these little cars in busy and often tight shopping mall car parks must be one of the best aspects of owning such a dainty little car.

Below is a Smart Corvette, these cars look like they have just been driven out of some sort of car crusher !  They are all still two seater cars, but offer the driver a lot of fun, more fun than a practical family car.

Below we can see a Smart Ferrari finished in silver with nice Alpina style alloys.  I am not sure if Ferrari would endorse having their company logo on such a vehicle that is not a thoroughbred Ferrari though.

This Ferrari below looks as though it has been based on the Enzo, however these little cars might be a Ferrari by name but certainly not by nature.

The Smart Lamborghini as seen below is yet another modification built upon the super car theme, for those little lambo fans amongst us.

Below is the Smart Porsche and I must admit I rather like the look of this.  It even appears to have been fitted with Porsche disc brakes and callipers although I doubt that the car could reach the same kind of speeds as the real Porsche.

Below is a Smart BMW M5, it has even been made into a four door, however I think that it would be a bit of a tight squeeze actually getting into the back...unless of course you are a Munch kin from the Wizard of Oz !

The Smart Porsche Targa version as seen below is another slant on the Porsche theme.  Its big 20 inch alloys look bigger than the actual car itself.

Check out this Smart Monster truck ! I think a good name for this vehicle should be Little Foot  in honor of Bob Chandlers original monster truck Big Foot.

This Smart car adaptation is not just a body kit though, it is fitted with a big block Chevy engine and produces the same amount of power as the original Bigfoot.

The YouTube video will testify that this car is just as agile as its bigger cousins...check it out...

A Smart car made of not.

A Smart camper, now that would be a little bit silly considering that only two people in sitting position could actually get into it.

er, I think the owner of the Smart car below has got the wrong idea !

sshhh...but its supposed to be shorter !

Below is a Bugatti Veyron smart car but this time the picture has been shrunk just like the car and I can't find a bigger one !

Yes, but are Smart cars safe? They are very small cars after all and as of consequence don't appear to offer much safety for the occupants in a road traffic collision.  Surely the whole car would just disintegrate or at least crumple up into a little tiny mass of mangled steel and plastic with the occupants still inside! ...well lets smash one up and see...

A Strange Anomaly:  Some time ago I asked... "Do any of you Smart viewers have any idea what this Smart type of car below is?..."
Also, shouldn't that thing have a rear roll cage bar to protect the passengers heads just in case the car tips over in an accident?

...well thanks for the E-mail Mr. Pedro B, who has solved the mystery by telling me that the car is actually a converted Fiat 126.'re a Smart  guy!

I'll wager that it wont be long until someone sticks an engine into one of these too...

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