The worlds fastest gas turbine motorcycle is the MTT Y2K Superbike, powered by a helicopters turbine.

Ted McIntire of Marine Turbine Technologies has produced the Worlds first ultra high performance sports bike powered by a Turbine engine that was originally fitted into a one and a half ton Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter.

The MTT Y2K Superbike is a street legal rocket that has been recognized as one of the most powerful production motorcycles in the world and also one of the most expensive.

The engine in the MTT Superbike is actually second hand, they are engines that have reached their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) run time limit and would have to be rebuilt at a  cost of about a hundred thousand dollars.

But as they are used on the ground, they can just be serviced and passed as road worthy and safe without the need for FAA approval.  Also the cost of buying a used engine is infinitely cheaper for Marine Turbine Technologies, so the bike wont cost over a million dollars to build.

Talking about expense and speed, the fastest and most expensive bike at present is the Dodge Tomahawk at half a million dollars and a speed of over three hundred mph.

The MTT Superbike bike is powered by a Rolls-Royce Alison Dyno Jet Gas Turbine engine that delivers over 300 brake horse power and 425 ft/lbs of pure torque at a clocked 227 miles per hour although an estimated 250 miles per hour can be achieved.

The acceleration is a bit mental, if you can hold on to the handle bars the superbike will clock  0 to 227 mph  in fifteen seconds.  The downside is that the MTT Superbike retails for  over 185,000 dollars which makes it one expensive bike, a bike solely for the rich, famous and daring.

The old adage does stipulate though... "Speed is just a question of how much money you have "

Maybe one of these bikes could be hired out at a race track or a drag strip for those who wish to have a go on one.

The engines only weigh one hundred and thirty pounds and they burn regular jet aircraft fuel, but a transformation to make the engine run on diesel is done to make the bike street legal.  The superbike is not driven by turbine thrust as there is no afterburner, its power is actually converted so the superbike is driven by a chain or shaft.

The MTT Superbike has only got two gears, but with over 425ft/lbs of shear torque no more are needed as the bike will idle, pull away and ride in first gear up to and over 100 mph then second gear can be used, with a redline of 6600 rpm.

With an eight and a half gallon fuel tank the bike should go far, but alas at five miles to the gallon the range is only 50 miles per tank.  So constant re-fills are part of owning this bike, but a standing quarter mile in only nine seconds should make up for any misgivings!

The rear exhaust pipes can emit a fair bit of heat though and consequently a heat wave is created that blurs your vision of anything behind you, so to compensate a video camera and monitor system is installed with the video camera fitted into the rear brake light cluster.

Turning a cars fender into dripping molten plastic is not an option that would allow the bike to be street legal. With a production run of about five bikes a year, there will not be many of them around.



Created August 18th 2007.   Updated November 2nd 2012.