All  images courtesy of SwissMiniGun

The worlds smallest and probably the worlds most useless production handgun is a micro revolver made by a company called SwissMiniGun of Switzerland.

This miniature Swiss made revolver and its ammunition are painstakingly crafted using Swiss watch making skills and technology.  Perhaps they were bored and wanted to make something else than a watch!


The magnified image below depicts 25 tiny rounds of ammunition along with 25 blank rounds that also come with the gun. A magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers would also be a good inclusion with this gun!

These tiny rim fire bullets are fired at a velocity of 425 feet per second and although they are very small, they are still lethal if fired at point blank range. Beyond point blank range and someone shot by this gun would probably find it annoying.

The total length of the Swissminigun is just 5.5 cm and fires tiny cartridges that are just over a centimeter long with a  caliber of only 2.34 millimeters. The gun is based on the Colt Python .357 Magnum and has all the same operational  features.  The magnified images below show some of the craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of this gun.

We have to remember that this revolver is only five and a half centimeters long, as the magnified images do tend to make it look like a real sized gun.  Below is just a reminder of the gun in actual size...


Now back to the magnified image again to show all the detail of this truly minute revolver...


The magnified image below shows the six shot cylinder in the open  position with four rounds loaded. As noted earlier, close up shot like this is deceptive and one can think its a real sized gun.

The images below shows the tiny leather holster that accompanies the gun, it looks a little lost hung on the belt and resembles more of a key-ring than the real firearm that it is.

The Swissminigun Company has this to say about their novel little shooter " The manufacture of this exceptional miniature revolver has only been possible by exploiting the incomparable expertise and latest technologies of the Swiss Watch and Jewellery Industry, upon which its worldwide reputation is built."

Except, it doesn't look nice and  its doesn't tell the time! I fear though that their reputation may get a slight crease in the seams from the anti-gun lobbyists who deem this gun as nothing more than a dangerous toy.

An 'exploded' view of the Swissminigun shows the large amount of parts and craftsmanship that has gone into the construction of this gun.

The gun sells for about $5,000, but company chief executive Paul Erard has said most buyers choose the $30,000 model encrusted with gold and seen below.

Erard reportedly said only about fifty mini-guns have so far been sold, all of them in the Middle East to collectors.

In a statement, Erard said he received a certificate from Guinness World Records citing the gun as the smallest working revolver that fires the smallest live ammunition.


This little handgun poses a big problem to airport security and such-like though as it would be very hard to detect and could be very easily concealed.


Although the gun does not look very intimidating and would probably get more smiles and giggles from someone it was pointed at, it must still be remembered that it can still fire a little projectile at high speed that would still cause injury or even death if hit in the face or eye.

Generally this gun is more of a curiosity item though than a practical weapon, as a sharpened pencil jabbed into someone's shoulder would inflict more damage than one of its bullets. Overall, a pointless exercise and a waste of the Swiss watchmakers skill.




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