The drivers of these huge vehicles have to take extreme care whilst driving as it would be easy to drive over and crush a car or a person and not even notice! They are very big and very dangerous things these super big vehicles. The pictures below depict some tragedies that have occurred with these big vehicles.

New safety measures and guidelines that in all probability get amended all the time, insure these types of occurrences are minimized.  Below, a mining lorry practically  ran over  a car and would have done had not the driver hit the brakes just in time.

A truck carrying coal has erupted into flame, the tires being mostly of rubber of course are flammable. Given enough time, and with the heat building up...the coal would be ablaze too

Driving a several hundred ton truck down a steep slope could end up with a slight difficulty of being slightly front end heavy...or rear end heavy.  Applying the brakes does nothing except help to tip it over, its all inertia with these behemoths.

Below we can assume that the shear weight of this trucks load had simply tipped it over backwards.  Lets hope of course that the drivers managed to get out safely from this and indeed all the other accidents on this page.

Your guess is as good as mine how the wheel dropped off this truck with the result of it getting tipped up on end? Maybe the weight of the wheel ( several tons ) acts like a counter balance.


Mining trucks and cars, don't mix!  Below: A car is crushed by a 400 ton truck, may it was pancake day. Luckily no-one was in the car at the time.

Mining trucks should really have the cab at ground level instead of way up high.  Luckily all of these cars were parked up with no-one inside them.  Had anyone indeed been inside they would have been killed outright.


Apparently this sort of accident is quite common with these big rigs.

A Liebherr T262 practically squashes a 4x4 utility vehicle, had the driver of the Liebherr not stopped in time then he would have quite easily driven completely over the vehicle.

The big Komatsu in the image above is apparently in the process of running over a van. No more information can be sought about this incident.

Below: This 4x4 car was unlucky enough to get in the way of a passing mining truck, the 150 ton mining truck drove over the front end of it.  The truck didn't even flinch as it squashed the car and the driver probably thought " What was that little bump?..another pothole maybe ? "

Below, How a 300 ton truck can roll over onto its roof  can only make the mind boggle.  Top heavy maybe, or an uneven road surface.

Driving along with the dumper in the raised position is not recommended! You would have thought the truck was powerful enough to have ripped the gantry down...not so. Final Score: Gantry 1 - Truck 0


This bus was run over by one of these huge trucks. No injuries were  reported as it seams like a set up...I mean, what would a school bus be doing in an open cast mine?


This driver below, hit the brakes just in the nick of time.

And another truck is caught whilst the dumper was in the raised position. Braaaaaaaake !!ooops!

This job must drive people right over the edge !

When worlds collide.  If you going to have a head on smash in a 300 ton truck then you might as well hit another 300 ton truck to even the balance.

Do they call them tipper trucks  because they can tip over ? 


An unevenly balanced payload can tip one of these trucks on its side quite easily. Open cast mines are very dangerous places to work, if you were next to this truck when it went over you would not stand a chance...even if you were in a van or a car.

A Komatsu truck lies on its side for as rest ! Its hard to believe that trucks of this size can actually 'fall over' but these photos prove otherwise.  It must be a hell of a  job to get these things back on their feet so to speak.

Below a Komatsu finally succumbs to a 200 ton boulder that was not loaded properly into its dumper. When you have 200 tons resting in an unbalanced condition then have got problems. She start to go as the weight presses down...

Below, something is giving way....the rear axel

The whole weight of the truck tries to counteract it but instead the truck just twists and deforms under the weight