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Above is shown the .38 Special+p Tuarus International Model 85 UltraLight.  Five round capacity with snubby 2 inch barrel and integral hammer (hammerless) The Model 85 is a powerful, easy to carry, comfortable due to larger grips, quick to shoot revolver.

After reading many reviews, below is the over all gun that I would recommend for a woman to carry around for defensive measures against attack.

It is a different caliber from the .38 Special, but one well worth considering.  It is the .32 H&R ( Harrington & Richardson ) Magnum, developed in 1984.

The hammerless Smith & Wesson 432PD Magnum Airweight as pictured below is probably the best option for this caliber. Note: PD stands for Personal Defense.

The recoil is controllable for a woman and is a bit lower than the .38 Special except that the .32 H&R Magnum bullet delivers more impact, as it has a much higher velocity.

This revolver also takes six bullets whereas most of the .38 Special revolvers only take five.




Smith & Wesson used their famous .38 Special Airweight frame that tips the scales at just under sixteen ounces empty but designed it to cater for the much more powerful and more controllable .32 H&R Magnum bullet.

The gun is small and light enough for concealed carry all day long and packs a real punch.

If you decide to opt for concealed carry of a firearm for defence measures, you should also take time to discover how a firearms performance and handling can be improved.

A speed-loader for example is a small cylindrical device that holds an entire compliment of a revolvers bullets.




This item can be deployed to reload an empty revolver in seconds rather than inserting one round at a time.

You simply push the device which has been primed with cartridges into and against the cylinder and twist the end, this drops all the cartridges into the cylinder in one movement.



Also hollow point bullets or any expanding type of bullet will have more stopping power and will reduce the risk of the bullet going clean through the assailant  and perhaps injuring some innocent person who may be close by.  So therefore these types of bullets are strongly recommended.

Hollow point bullets expand upon impact and deliver all of their kinetic energy in one go, inflicting maximum damage upon the target.

Below are two images of various types of hollow point bullet. On the left a full copper hollow point, on the right the more common JHP or jacketed hollow point.

The full copper bullet expands out like a mushroom much wider than the original caliber of the bullet and remains intact.  The JHP expands but can also break apart on impact dispersing lots of little lethal metal shards into the target.




There are various other types of bullet that also deliver maximum impact and reduce the risk of going clean through the attacker.

These include fragmentation bullets such as the Glaser Blue™  "glaser safety slug " as seen below... These bullets are probably the best for home defence, in fact firearm experts and most gun stores offer this statement:

" For over 30 years, the Glaser Safety Slug has been the perfect choice for use in heavily populated areas. Glaser's composite design uses a special thin-wall jacket, and a precision compressed lead shot core with a soft polymer tip. This construction provides optimum balance between penetration and fragmentation. The round nose profile of this bullet guarantees reliable feeding.

Stopping power is maximized by the complete dispersal of the bullets energy into the intended target with immediate shock and massive trauma. This rapid fragmentation delivers all of the bullets energy to a large area. Reduced recoil allows a fast recovery for follow up shots if necessary.

This makes Glaser the best choice for defensive situations.  A missed round is much more likely to break up on an interior wall and dump its energy rather than proceeding unabated into an adjoining room and injuring an innocent bystander.

These light fast bullets reduce the felt recoil and are excellent loads for  snub nose revolvers."



...and also the SP or soft point bullet as seen below, that expands like the JHP but more often the lead core can separate upon impact.

In the military all of these type of bullets are banned under the Hague Convention of 1899 and other militaristic laws for inflicting unnecessary damage...all the more reason to use them for home/self defence.



When confronted by a potential attacker you should look (or appear to look) as collected, confident and sincere as possible when pointing your gun at him and give out the right signals that you intend to use it and know how to use it and are prepared to use it.



You should not allow yourself to be talked into dropping the gun or handing it over to the bad guy upon his demand, for that would be a fatal move, as with your loaded revolver you have the prime advantage.

I am sorry if I cause any offense but I thought I would mention that the attacker may start saying things like...

" ...Gimme the gun bitch, don't be stupid... " or "...Just drop the gun honey... " or " ...Ya aint gonna use it... " or  " ...Whacha gonna do wid da popgun bitch ?... "

Don't get into conversations, don't try to reason with the attacker,  just firmly and precisely snap out "GET BACK NOW OR I SHOOT " and nothing more, as you say this start walking backwards away from him, he doesn't want to lose face and even though he is  intimidated by your gun he may not show it.



So keep walking backwards putting distance away from him, keeping the gun trained on him all the time, then you may be able to turn and run.  If he continues to get near then self defence measures need to be taken for life preservation....your life.


When firing a gun at close range, you don't have to aim at the attackers head or torso with intent to kill, a bullet in the thigh, arm or shoulder from a .38 Special or .32 H&R Magnum revolver will eradicate their plans for attacking you, as they wrestle with their pain and discomfort whilst now incapacitated.

Its not like you see on the TV, instead a bullet impact into flesh and bone causes massive trauma, massive bleeding and massive shock.  Bullet wounds are not nice, but then again...they are not designed to be.

Note: A bullet wound can render death simply by the shock to the system...the human body is not designed to stand up to the kind of damage a bullet does.

Note Also:  It would also be best to " double-tap " the threat.  This is a term that military and special forces soldiers use in their training, it means to fire two bullets in rapid succession...bangbang...just about guaranteed to stop and drop!



An attacker may have the drop on you, in that he already has a gun pointed at you when he instigates his attack.  One way to deal with this would be to quickly say something like "Let me give you my money..." and without waiting for his response, you reach into your purse or pocket where-ever your revolver is.

The attacker thinks your reaching for your cash, instead you shoot him through your purse or pocket.

As you are now only estimating your aim, fire three or four shots in rapid succession, he will have no time to react and fire back as he is not expecting you to shoot at him.

If you do empty your revolver into him, then time to use your speed-loader, you can carry one of these in your purse, they are not that big but are a little heavy.



Note:  Firing a revolver through your pocket or purse will result in a smouldering hole that may even ignite into a small flame.  So be prepared to pat it out. Either way, you have survived, you haven't been robbed, assaulted, raped or murdered.

Sadly many women have been assaulted in the past and are unfortunately still experiencing this now as we speak. Its better to be answering questions in the Police station about firing your gun than lying dead or half dead on the sidewalk.

Also never tell anyone (apart from your husband if you wish) that you are carrying a firearm, the fewer people know the keep it to yourself. Don't show it off or wave it around, keep it secret...until you need it...THEN show it off and wave it the potential attacker.


It's actually a  good idea to visit your local gun range with your new revolver and to shoot off a hundred bullets or so to get used to how it handles and feels.  This will instil the confidence in you for real, if it ever came to that.  If you haven't yet purchased a gun then just visit the local range to find out about them.



If you think that you would prefer to carry a more powerful revolver than the .38 Special or .32 H&R Magnum, then the all powerful .357 Magnum would be the right choice.

A .357 Magnum revolver will generally kill on the spot anyone who gets shot by it.  They are extremely powerful and will incapacitate with every shot fired even if the attacker is three hundred pounds of pure drugged up aggression and frustration.

Two of the best revolvers in this caliber with concealed carry in mind are the Smith & Wesson Model 66 Highway Patrol .357 Magnum, with an open hammer as pictured below...


...or the hammerless and more streamlined Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum


Both of these revolvers are very powerful, but with that comes a price in that they are heavier than the .38's and they have twice as much recoil.  If you would like to carry something like this then a trip to your local gun range to try this powerful caliber out is an absolute must.

Also the use of expanding bullets would be an absolute must as over penetration of a .357 Magnum round is practically guaranteed.  Probably the best type of bullet for defence with this caliber would be the Glazer Blue™ as mentioned earlier.

I would advocate the need for some firearms training rather than just buying a .357 Magnum or any revolver for that matter and carrying it without ever actually firing a gun before.



And if you feel that you could never aim a gun at an attacker with the probability of shooting him dead then the experts say that you should not carry a gun in the first place, a gun that could be grabbed off you and used against effect arming the attacker.

Although I like to say " it is better to have a gun and not need it rather than to need it and not have it "

Lots to consider with this serious topic and if you do have the interest and are concerned about your personal safety in this dangerous world then speak to people at your local gun club for assistance.

With some training, a woman can handle and fire a powerful .357 Magnum just as efficiently as any man.



Ask about your needs about carrying, concealment and use of a firearm, there will be plenty of advice there I promise.  I strongly recommend a one to one chat with your local county Sheriff, this can yield great results and you may be surprised that your Sheriff will only be pleased to guide you in the right direction rather than to instantly deter you from concealed carrying of a loaded firearm.

Apart from residents in Texas, you will need to have a firearms permit or to apply for one and you will need to be read up and reasonably educated on firearms safety and keeping them away and out of reach of your children in the home.

And remember...Never, never point a gun at anyone, even if you think its unloaded unless you intend to shoot and possibly kill them.

A rule of thumb is to always treat every gun as if it is loaded, until one hundred percent proven otherwise.


I hope this page has been of interest in guidance for a woman's self defence against attackers in an ever increasingly dangerous world where we often read about women getting attacked almost every day.

Who knows, maybe this web page could result in saving someone from harm.

On a final note for anti gun lobbyists: If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns, as I hear people in the UK are finding out at the moment.

For much more in depth information on defensive measures for women please do visit  by clicking the image below...

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Page created May 3rd 2010.  Updated 25th 2012